How Do You Eat an Elephant?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Answer: One bite at a time!

And that, my friend is how I look at decluttering. The elephant represents the 'BIG picture', the massive job of decluttering a home. Oh, I know, the boxes, bags, drawers and closets may be stuffed so full they are threatening mutiny, but if you dial down your focus to one small task... then that is that is where you begin and find success. Start small with one little bite of your elephant. JUST START!

Step 1

Pick a drawer, any drawer that needs to be sorted.

i.e. The Junk Drawer in the Kitchen. Take a 'Before' photo, you'll want to see the amazing transformation!

Step 2

Empty out the drawer.

Dump the contents onto a flat surface (counter, table or floor). Easy peasy.

Step 3


Once the drawer has been emptied of its contents and wiped clean, now it is time to place each item into a pile of 'like' objects, the things that belong together. Some items will undoubtedly be broken, expired, rusty, etc. Don't hesitate. Into the trash bin they go!

Step 4

Decide the drawer's purpose. What needs to be in there?

Set aside the piles of items going back into the drawer.

The rest, immediately, re-home them to their logical place. For example. This drawer's purpose is to store spare keys, basic office supplies and a few tools.

Therefore, if it does not fit those categories, find a new home for it. Golf items go to the golf bag, playing cards to the game drawer, electrical plugs to the extension cord drawer in the garage. Tire pressure gauge to the glove box in your vehicle. You get the idea. Anything that is gently used and no longer needed can be donated or sold.

Step 5

Organize contents of the drawer.

Use drawer dividers... small boxes, bowls, baskets, etc., anything on hand to keep items in their 'like' piles. Or, use store bought drawer dividers that work for your space. Just be sure and measure your drawer before you purchase!

The photo below is the final result: A functional drawer with each item visible from a bird's eye view. The space at the back is open... Yes, it can stay that way in case a stapler or hole punch is needed down the road... :)

Step 6.

Celebrate Your Success!

Bam! Didn't that feel great? Relish the moment. Take an 'After' photo as a reminder of how you successfully took a bite out of your elephant!

Cheering you on!


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