Heaven On Earth

Home. There is not one singular meaning for it. Some say it is a brick and mortar place to shelter, live, laugh and learn. To others, home is wherever they land, whether it be on a friend's sofa for a week, in the back of a van (Go Van Life!) or wherever life's adventure takes them. Yet, there are also those that have negative experiences and associations with the word home. Therefore, however you define it, one thing is certain, home is where you make it. It is wherever your heart is. Thankfully, we all have the choice to be the change we wish to see in our lives. If our home needs to change, we can be discerning, be creative, be courageous. Figure out what can be done and take steps toward change. Make it count. Make it beautiful. Make your home life your own little corner of heaven on earth.

Here's a glimpse of the glorious landscape in Northern California from a friend's porch. Could this be heaven on earth? It is for me! It is a place to explore and share my life and skills with others. This is my new place to call home. WooHoo!

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