Laundry Day. Ugh!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

"I absolutely love Laundry Day!" Said, no one, ever! Seriously, who enjoys spending a whole day with 10+ loads of laundry to wash, dry and fold? I can think of ten things I would rather be doing. How about you? If you knew the secret that could abolish Laundry Day would you move over to the bright side and change your ways? Here goes... It's really so simple, it's crazy.

A load a day! Wash. Dry. Fold. Put Away.

How to make it work...

Do you tend to dump your clean laundry into a basket and never fold it? Do you live out of the clean clothes basket by pulling out clean, very wrinkled clothes to wear? Then you're probably allergic to folding and putting away clothes! Or maybe you're saving up to fold all 10 loads, at once? Ugh! Either way, you can live a better, more intentional life! Be free of that ball and chain!!! Here's how:

Step 1... Wash

Deposit a load of laundry in the machine. Easy peasy.

Step 2 ... Dry

Switch it to the dryer and hang clothes on hangers that need to air dry.

Step 3... Fold & Deliver

When the dryer has made its final 'Ding', remove the clothes one at a time, hang the clothes that go on hangers and fold the rest. While you are folding, sort the clothes into piles to be delivered to the room where they belong.

Step 4... Put Away

Everyone in the house gets to participate. Yippee! When a pile of clean laundry shows up in your room, it is to be put away in its 'proper place' before bed time. Kids (and husband) can learn at any age to put away their clothes (neatly) in the proper drawer, bin or closet. To teach them:

Model it. Check it. Praise it. Repeat.

Wash. Dry. Fold. Put away. One load a day.

It is so simple to accomplish. It's like eating your 'Laundry' elephant one bite at a time! And you will have freed up an entire day to do other 10-times-more-enjoyable activities. I know you can do a load a day... maybe even 2!

Cheering for you!


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