About WendyLynne

Are you ready to live differently and better than you ever imagined possible? 
My Story


A recent transplant from St. Louis to Northern California, I'm starting over after surviving cancer, a divorce and six moves in two years.  Regardless, how many times I hit the 'Restart' button in life, one thing remains steady... Home is my hub.


Maybe you have experienced the chaotic, demanding, embarrassing side- effects of clutter.  I grew up with hoarders. I understand that extreme end of the spectrum. On the flip side... I made a choice to live differently, intentionally and minimally.  Lo and behold, it has completely changed my life for the better.

'Hub And Home' is my passion!  I absolutely l-o-v-e what I do!  Each person I have worked with (over the last 3 decades) has had a unique story to tell & show throughout their home.  If you are wanting to make changes in your lifestyle, I'm here to help, not judge you.  It is my job and privilege to help you clear the clutter and organize your home in a way that meets your needs and is sustainable for your style of life. 


If you are ready to live differently and better than you ever imagined possible, let's talk about it. 


Kindly, send an email with your name and a brief description of your project.  I will get back to you soon and set up a free ZOOM call to chat about it.