Wendy is amazing!  And by the time she finished working with me, she had me thinking I was pretty amazing, too! Wendy is gifted at decluttering, organizing and encouraging.  If you are like I was - stalled out in your attempts to take a space from chaotic and overwhelming to organized and peaceful - Wendy will be a godsend.  After her help, my home looks and feels minimized and organized.  Better still, I now have the tools to keep it that way.  


                            ~Carol S.

My entire home has been organized, including everything from kitchen and bathrooms to linen closets and. beyond... I have been impressed with Wendy's ability to take limited space and optimize it for my personal needs.  She has helped create a space that inspires calm instead of clutter and chaos.  I highly recommend her services to anyone that is ready to create harmony in their home environment. 


                         ~Lindy H.

I had a unique project for Wendy.  She arrived at my therapeutic riding center (aka: horse ranch) and got to work in the Welcome Center.  She created cozy nooks for sitting, chatting and watching lessons (through a viewing window). She organized an open kitchen to welcome one and all, and created a store display for our logo-wear. Wendy also organized a room full of props used by instructors & gave them a place to work on activities. And she designed an Info. Center for our 300+ volunteers! Wendy has a gift!


                         ~Ginni H.

The 'decluttering' journey has not only helped me experience peace and freedom in my home because of the organization that now exists, but I no longer have to waste time looking for things because I know exactly where everything is, and it makes sense where it is!  If you struggle with creating systems to help keep your house organized, working with Wendy is the best investment you can make. 


                      ~Kelsey M.

If you are looking for a cheerful, skilled organizer, you've found her. Wendy helped me organize my whole house after moving. She works efficiently and creatively.  She took my messy kitchen and got creative with in-drawer and cupboard storage.  My kitchen is now manageable and I can find and access everything easily!

                       ~Leah J.